About Us

About Us

Gentrax Generators power through the competition by providing a wide range of top-quality portable inverter generators. Each of our models have a heavy-duty design, the latest technological features, and the capability to provide an impressive amount of power for a variety of occasions.

At Gentrax, we found a market saturated with claims that weren’t always true. What we bring to the market is integrity, hence; Power You Can Believe In and backed by Support you can count on.

Our Core Beliefs:
Quality – We are improving the technology and design continuously.
Portability – When the quality metrics are met we minify, to fit everything in to smaller units.
Quiet – We use several methods to make quieter engines and find the best noise dampening.
Pure Sine Wave – All of our generators will come with this to ensure compatibility with all devices.

We’ve partnered with one of the largest manufacturers that has been operating since 1989, and together we’ve been improving each of our generator models with every passing year to give you the most innovative portable generators at the most affordable prices.

Gentrax Generators promise portability, a smooth flow of power, a quiet operation, and a reliable performance that can withstand the tough Australian conditions.

When you’re looking for portable generators that go the extra mile, look no further than Gentrax Generators!

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