GS-6500IE Gentrax Generators


RRP: $2,999

gentrax gs-6500ie


Serious output for serious performance! This machine packs a punch. It has a 6kW max output and an 18L fuel tank.

AC Voltage 50Hz 100, 230V, 240V
AC Voltage 60Hz 100, 120V, 240V
Max. Output 6.0 kW
Rated Output 5.5 kW
Power Factor 1.0
DC Output 12V / 5.0A
Type Air-cooled, 4 cycle, OHV, Gasoline Engine
Bore×Stroke 88mm×64mm
Displacement 389cc
Fuel Regular Automobile Gasoline
Fuel tank Capacity 18.5 liters
Rated Continuous Operation 4h30min(100% Load)
Lubricating oil SAE 10W30
Lubricating oil Capacity 1.1 Liter
Starting System Electric Starter
Ignition system C.D.I
Spark Plug Type F5RTC
Dimensions 750×537×630
Dry Weight 98 kg
Net Weight 89 kg

Why buy Gentrax

We simply provide quality petrol inverter generators to Australian consumers at really low prices. Our generators have stood the test of time, so enjoy the best of the outdoors and take one on your next adventure.