Quick Start Guide

Gentrax generator quick start guide

  1. Check fuel
    Open the fuel filler cap vent and the fuel cock to determine fuel levels. Your tank should be full before you turn the generator on. Put the cap back on.
  2. Check oil
    Loosen the cover screws and remove the maintenance cover. Remove the oil filter cap and wipe the dipstick clean. Reinsert to check oil level. If the level is low, fill to the top of the oil filler neck.
  3. Switch on
    Turn the engine switch to the ON position and the economy switch to the OFF position.
  4. Choke on
    Set the choke to the CHOKE position. If engine is hot, generator may be started with choke position on RUN.
  5. Pull up to 3 times
    Hold down the generator firmly with one hand. With the other hand, grip the recoil starter cord handle and pull slowly until resistance is felt indicating that the recoil starter is engaged. When resistance is felt, pull the cord sharply. If this doesn’t start your generator, wait three minutes until you try again so you do not flood the engine.
  6. Choke off
    Once started, turn the choke switch to RUN.
  7. Connect your appliance
    You’re ready to go! To avoid damage, do not run your generator over dust.


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